This newborn session came about in such a special way that truly warms my heart and is just nothing but goodness.  This is a scary time, I have to say.  Right now we are surrounded by fear, hate, discrimination, greed, natural disasters and all the other things that hint to me that our world that we are raising our precious, innocent children is, is just falling apart.  What restores on my faith is knowing that God is working in us and through us during these terrifying times by seeing people come together in love.  Earlier this year I donated a session to the mom's league in town that was such a great foundation for me as a new mom in a new town about 9-10 years ago.  I met some amazing moms and forever friends in that group and found in them a support group almost, for us brand new mamas.  One of my friends purchased the package thinking it was just a portrait package for my studio, when in fact it was specifically a newborn session.  I hated telling her that I couldn't transfer it to another type of session, but since I have been focusing more and more on maternity and newborns this year, I really needed to stick to that for the donation.  I did, however, tell her she could gift it or possibly sell it for what she paid for it to another new mom that would benefit from it.  She was gracious and kind, and super supportive of my decision and that was the end of our conversation. A few months later I got a call from Lane's mom saying that this other mom had gifted her the newborn session from the auction!  This is love.  This is generosity.  This is being the hands and feet of Jesus, y'all.  I am just proud that I am friends with this mom and her heart brings me hope.  And in turn, I met another mom that I may not have otherwise and am so thankful for her family trusting me with their precious...and ADORABLE new babe.  I'll say it a million times, but such a privilege to be a part of so many families that I get to work with!

Royal {southlake newborn photographer}

So coupled with really stinking at this blogging thing, our summer was amazing and fun, and tons of family time to recharge, rest and relax...hello two weeks at the beach!!!, BUT it was also a completely transforming summer due to my husband switching jobs in July.  He's been working from home for the last year and a half and we got really good at tag teaming between work and juggling kids--or just making sure they all survived.   :)  Now he's gone (it really does seem like he's seriously left us) and we are adjusting to a new type of routine.  One that doesn't allow me to sneak up to my office for a couple of hours to work.  So, blah, blah, blah...I was shooting a ton over the summer, but the office time was put on hold.  Now that school is back in for all 3, I'm really trying to catch up.  

This adorable FOURTH boy was just the sweetest.  I could have kept going and going and going with him and when he came to see me again last week, I seriously didn't want to let him go.  I'm so excited to dust off this blog with his newborn images, and hopefully this will not be the last post for months...we shall see.

Beach Sessions --Coming this Summer! 30A

For the past couple of years, our family has fallen in love with 30A, as well as the majority of Texas!  We joke that we go on vacation with most of Southlake and Dallas since we see friends every trip and the nicest people we meet there are from down the street.  :)  This year we are extending our trip for 2 weeks so I thought I'd open up a few nights for sessions.  I'm only taking a couple of sessions, so if you are planning to end your summer break there with us, I'd sure love to capture those memories for you!  It's really the perfect time and place--tan skin, relaxed kids and parents, GORGEOUS beach background, and the Christmas card...done.  Plus, bring home a beautiful, handcrafted album for your family to relive those summer memories forever!  Trust me, if you think you're not "album people", kids LOVE thumbing through them and seeing their pictures printed and these are thick, coated pages that will stand up to marker, pen, and crayon...been last week.

*Beach Sessions*

Watercolor - Rosemary Beach

August 13-23

Includes your session +
8x8 custom 10 pg album

Upgraded album, prints, wall galleries & digital files available as well

Extended Family sessions are an additional fee

Here are my favorites from last summer with my parents...and yes, I'm kicking myself for not hiring my own photographer so that I could have been in the photos.  *insert eye roll*  


Baby Luke {Colleyville Newborn Photographer}

Pure sweetness, this boy!  I can't wait to snuggle on him again at his milestone session!  

I still have some remaining weeks open for a newborn session through the end of this year.  I only schedule one due date per week so contact me as soon as possible to get yours scheduled, or click on the image to go to our online scheduling.

Fall fun...and the foliage session :)

Before I head out for one last hurrah of a family vacation this week before school starts, I wanted to share another fall, family session from 2015.  I already had several people book some precious weekend time slots for this year, so if your schedule isn't super flexible this fall (and who's is, really???) contact me now to get your date booked!  I promise it's not too early!  

This family started off as clients 4.5 years ago with the birth of sweet Claire and are now close friends that we treasure.  Every year is so different when we shoot because, well, they've always had toddlers :) :)

Toddlers = Unpredictability.  This session we deemed appropriately, the year of the foliage.  Little W gathered and collected any and all of the treasures he could find on the ground and they made their way as a perfect pop of color and texture into their photos.  You just can't reason with a 15 month boy over sticks, leaves and rocks.  Haha!

fall portraits??? what, what???

I can't believe I'm saying this myself, as I'm hiding in my air condition-blasting-office, as I escape the hottest part of the day, but this is temporary...very temporary.  It'll be fall before we know it if the next few weeks go as fast as this summer has gone and so it's time to start thinking about fall family sessions!  I have to admit, it's a little exciting to think about fall and cooler weather, even though I'm hanging on to this summer and all the limited days I have left with my kids home and the lax routine we've all thoroughly enjoyed.  Every season brings something to look forward to and I just got all in the mood for cute sweaters and leggings cruising through the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  That got your attention??  You have a few more days to grab some great fall staples and be ahead of the game so jump on there, start planning and email me some dates you have free!  I love fall and reconnecting with my families, but my kids activities also take up a lot of room on my calendar, so get with me asap as my shooting schedule is limited.  

Since I'm horrible with blogging, I am going to be sending gentle reminders over the next few weeks by blogging some of my fall 2015 sessions that never made it to the web.  Up first was one of my favorites because A) I LOVE and adore this family, and B) I love wine :)  Combine the 2 (no, we didn't drink wine during our session, but that would have been awesome!) and you get a gorgeous family and a beautiful background for some fall portraits!


Emerson {2}

Two is so much fun!  Full of independence, little personalities coming out all over the place, faces that make you laugh all day long, "i do it", and of course, no toddler is two until they learn to say NO NO everything you ask them to do! Ha!  I met sweet Emmy on the sidelines of big brothers soccer games this summer and she'd crawl in my lap almost every game.  Last week she turned two and she tried to act like she wasn't going to have any fun with me, but I won!  :)  Happy Birthday Emerson!!!  Two is totally awesome on you!