Fall fun...and the foliage session :)

Before I head out for one last hurrah of a family vacation this week before school starts, I wanted to share another fall, family session from 2015.  I already had several people book some precious weekend time slots for this year, so if your schedule isn't super flexible this fall (and who's is, really???) contact me now to get your date booked!  I promise it's not too early!  

This family started off as clients 4.5 years ago with the birth of sweet Claire and are now close friends that we treasure.  Every year is so different when we shoot because, well, they've always had toddlers :) :)

Toddlers = Unpredictability.  This session we deemed appropriately, the year of the foliage.  Little W gathered and collected any and all of the treasures he could find on the ground and they made their way as a perfect pop of color and texture into their photos.  You just can't reason with a 15 month boy over sticks, leaves and rocks.  Haha!