This newborn session came about in such a special way that truly warms my heart and is just nothing but goodness.  This is a scary time, I have to say.  Right now we are surrounded by fear, hate, discrimination, greed, natural disasters and all the other things that hint to me that our world that we are raising our precious, innocent children is, is just falling apart.  What restores on my faith is knowing that God is working in us and through us during these terrifying times by seeing people come together in love.  Earlier this year I donated a session to the mom's league in town that was such a great foundation for me as a new mom in a new town about 9-10 years ago.  I met some amazing moms and forever friends in that group and found in them a support group almost, for us brand new mamas.  One of my friends purchased the package thinking it was just a portrait package for my studio, when in fact it was specifically a newborn session.  I hated telling her that I couldn't transfer it to another type of session, but since I have been focusing more and more on maternity and newborns this year, I really needed to stick to that for the donation.  I did, however, tell her she could gift it or possibly sell it for what she paid for it to another new mom that would benefit from it.  She was gracious and kind, and super supportive of my decision and that was the end of our conversation. A few months later I got a call from Lane's mom saying that this other mom had gifted her the newborn session from the auction!  This is love.  This is generosity.  This is being the hands and feet of Jesus, y'all.  I am just proud that I am friends with this mom and her heart brings me hope.  And in turn, I met another mom that I may not have otherwise and am so thankful for her family trusting me with their precious...and ADORABLE new babe.  I'll say it a million times, but such a privilege to be a part of so many families that I get to work with!

Baby Luke {Colleyville Newborn Photographer}

Pure sweetness, this boy!  I can't wait to snuggle on him again at his milestone session!  

I still have some remaining weeks open for a newborn session through the end of this year.  I only schedule one due date per week so contact me as soon as possible to get yours scheduled, or click on the image to go to our online scheduling.