When is the best time to book my newborn photos?

I only book 1-2 newborn sessions per week, so to ensure that your preferred date is not already taken, I suggest booking your newborn session as early as you feel comfortable during your pregnancy—preferably during your second trimester. I do, however, occasionally have additional openings due to rescheduled shoots, so if you are past your second trimester or have delivered your baby within the past few days, please don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we can fit you in. You can get in touch right here!

What is the best age to photograph my newborn?

I prefer to photograph newborns who are 5-12 days old. At this age, your baby will still have the same squishy, moldable body that he or she had inside your belly, which is one of the things that makes a true newborn session so unique! If you had a C-section, or if your baby boy has been circumcised, I recommend allowing for a few days of extra healing time—in this case, between 7-12 days is ideal.

What if my baby is older than 14 days and I want to book a session?

An exception to the “two week” rule is if your baby was born prematurely, and has not yet reached your original due date. Premature babies will usually continue to require just as much sleep until the 40-week gestation mark. If your baby is older than 14 days, I recommend booking a lifestyle session at your home that primarily focuses on the baby and your family as you all go about your normal routine, rather than the curled-up, posed newborn shots that take place at my studio.

What happens once I decide to book a newborn session?

Once I receive half of your session fee, which is required in order to book your newborn session, I will put your due date on my calendar. Next, I like to schedule a pre-session consultation. We can either talk on the phone or meet at my studio, depending on your preference, but keep in mind that meeting in person will enable you to preview samples of printed artwork and get familiar with my studio set-up. During our pre-consult, I’ll ask you questions about the look of your nursery and home. This will help me to select the props that best match your home, personal style, and vision for your baby’s portraits!

Finally, keep me updated on your progress as your baby’s due date is approaching, or if you’re scheduled to be induced on a particular day, just share that date with me. When you’re feeling rested and settled, but still at the hospital post-delivery, give me a call so that we can determine your exact session day!

Where does the session take place?

I built a home studio a few years ago that I specifically designed for newborn and baby sessions—it has the most gorgeous natural light, and I have all the props needed to create beautiful, customized set-ups for each baby I photograph. I also have a parents’ room for you to relax in—watch a movie, catch up on correspondence, or take a nap while your baby is being photographed! I also offer lifestyle sessions for those who are interested in having portraits done at their own home. Just know that the images in your gallery will look very different than what you see displayed in my studio. Lifestyle sessions are every bit as beautiful, but as a photographer, my focus is a little different. While I will photograph your baby in flattering positions, the overall effect will be less posed, and props will not be included. For more information on a lifestyle session, please contact me by clicking here.

How long is a newborn session?

Newborn sessions tend to last anywhere from 2.5-4 hours. Every baby is different, and every session is tailored to each individual baby. Before your session I will send you a “checklist” of sorts—information that will typically help produce a sleepier, more relaxed baby during the time of your portrait session. With that said, some babies will require more time to eat, settle, and transition than others. As long as your baby is content and relaxed, I will continue on (whether they’re awake or asleep)! If you are only interested in a few poses and images for the newborn session, the 1 hour newborn mini session might be perfect for you!

Can I book an evening or weekend session?

I am a natural light photographer, and therefore I am unable to shoot a newborn session (which can be lengthy) in the late afternoon or evening hours. As for weekends, I am a mom to three very active kiddos and their activities take up much of our weekend time—so as a rule, I block off weekends for family. I have booked weekend sessions under special circumstances, but I cannot guarantee that this will be an available option. If there’s an issue with Dad’s availability, I typically recommend having him come by the studio during his lunch hour to be present for the family portion of your photos. However, if you are interested in on-location milestone or family sessions, they are shot an hour and a half before sunset.

I have older children who I would like photographed with my newborn. Can you accommodate this?

I include family and sibling shots with full newborn sessions at no additional cost. I do ask that siblings arrive during the last hour of the session, as they tend to get a little bored waiting on their turn! It’s very warm in my studio in order to keep your baby happy and sleepy, but not everyone will appreciate this as much as your newborn...including the older kiddos!

How soon will I be able to see my photos?

About 2-3 weeks after your session, you will come to the studio to view your images and select meaningful artwork for your home. Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your baby’s nursery, design a custom heirloom-quality album, or create the perfect gallery wall for your home, we’ll work together to choose your favorite images and produce artwork that you’ll treasure forever. PS: During the editing process, I typically show off a few of my favorite images on social media—I just can't help it! To catch a sneak peek from your session, be sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you sell the digital negatives?

I am passionate about creating beautiful pieces of printed artwork for my clients—for me, this is the “final step” that completes the luxury experience of a portrait session with Inspired By You. With that said, I do realize the importance of preserving your precious images forever in the form of a digital negative, so there are several ways to get those. Complimentary digital files are included with most of the collections I offer and if you choose to purchase your prints and wall art "a-la-carte" you can still purchase individual digital files for $150/ea or the entire gallery for $2000. For those images that you just want to send out to friends via social media or email, or just to revisit in the future, but will not be printing, I'm happy to give a watermarked, web-sized image, of any image I have edited for either myself and my portfolio or for you for print.

Can I print the photos I receive on my USB?

Absolutely! I will happily give you my print lab recommendations and a print release so that you can print copies of your favorites in whatever size and quantity you like!