I loved my motherhood session with Kelly. She is creative, and stylish, and she helped me create images that reflected my personality and pregnancy glow.
— Camille, Maternity Session

Put aside those thoughts of swollen feet and backaches and not-so-healthy cravings for just a minute, and say it with me: pregnancy is a beautiful thing (even when it doesn’t feel like it!). As a mama of three, I get it—it can be difficult to find your sexy when you’re carrying a little one, and that goes triple when you’re in your third trimester. But hear me when I say that this moment, and these memories, are so worth savoring via a maternity or mini-maternity session.

Surrounded by the soft, natural light of my home studio, I’ll focus on capturing the connection that you and your husband share before your baby arrives. If you have other children, I’d love to incorporate them into our shoot, too. There’s something so special about documenting “the way life was” one last time on camera before the arrival of your newest family member. A maternity session is also the perfect way for the two of us to truly get to know one another, which will ensure that your quickly-approaching newborn session will run as smoothly as possible. And besides, no one’s lying to you—you really are glowing. I’d love nothing more than to prove it to you by capturing it on camera.